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Technology inspired Glass Room Extensions can help improve our lives and well-being

Technology in glass has come a long way in recent years, with significant improvements in 'e' glass thermal properties. Such that when combined with much better insulated aluminium framing and increased structural strength we can allow much more light into our homes via a glass room extension, and yet improve warmth and comfort and thus well-being. Companies such as Reynaers are investing massive amounts of time, effort and money to provide products once thought of for Eco-friendly homes to everyone. Their aim is simple; provide products for a sustainable future that can provide well-being benefits as of now. And all this goes to free up design ideas.

One very important breakthrough is that structural improvements mean that you can now have taller, wider moving pieces of glass, to super-sizes - as much as 15m2 per panel in the Ultra Slim Frame Glass Door System. That's right imagine a 5m x 3m wall of glass that moves and with a frame not much wider than your thumb! No need to worry anymore about door frames that obstruct your views.

Now architects and designers are freed up to maximise the amount of glass used in their designs forgoing the old worry about 'being cold in Winter, hot in Summer'. Simply put, we can use a whole lot more glass, over 99% glass to frame ratio in some instances, giving more light, which in turn floods into and brightens the rest of our homes.

Installing a modern glass conservatory, such as a Winter Garden lets the rays in and have the sun warm your space in Winter. This is known as solar gain, where the suns rays warm your floors and furniture which in turn store and radiate the heat back, then the efficient glazing traps the warmth in. This not only provides natural comfort but also keeps your bills down. But what about summer you may ask? Well simply open the glass, tall and wide, to keep you cool and open out your space into the garden.

Gone are the days of window rattling air conditioners and heaters, back up heating can be provided by underfloor systems, stylish and ultra slim wall radiators or even the 'very now' bio-ethanol fireplaces installed without the need for a flue, from companies such as EcoSmart.

Ecosmart Flue-less Fireplaces

To complete the design and keep the glare off on the brightest of days, giving you both shade and privacy there are specialist external awnings and blinds, made from a variety of fabrics from full solar shade weave to translucent materials that let in softer light, and in a host of stylish modern colours. For the whole house these awnings and blinds can be integrated into your Winter Garden conservatory, used as patio awnings above sliding doors and even inset into the reveals of your window spaces.

And all of this can be linked into and controlled by a very clever system called a Weather Station.

There are numerous benefits that living with natural light can bring and you can read more in a fine blog 15 REASONS YOU NEED AS MUCH NATURAL LIGHTING IN YOUR HOME AS POSSIBLE by Janelle Sorensen, Content Director at Elemental Green. She lists the immediate benefits that letting in natural light produces and how sustainable home design really does improve your well being.

The latest ideas and technological designs don't come cheap, you can pay in excess of £3,000 per m2 for a top quality solution, but it is possible to spend 1/3 less than this to get the main benefits without all the frills. But one thing is for sure - You will live much more naturally and healthier in a carefully designed, fully integrated, technologically inspired, modern glass extension. If you can afford it why would anyone settle for anything less?

If you need help to decide on which is the best solution for you and to meet your budget contact us and speak to one of our experts who would love to help you out.

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