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We specialise in luxury glass extensions for your home. Be it living or leisure space

Contemporary Architecture

01 Contemporary Architecture


Create a highly usable modern extensions tailored entirely to your individual requirements - a luxury conservatory that reflects your personal expression and style. Oakfields offers a complete ‘turn-key’ service, which includes the very latest designs; winter garden conservatory, veranda glass room, glass box extension, flush glazed rooflights and super-sized slim frame sliding doors.


Period Architecture


02 Period Archtecture


The traditional conservatory has functional origins but today they maximise the space available for a comfortable modern lifestyle, making the perfect hub for family life as well as an inviting room for entertaining friends. As functional as it is decorative a period conservatory or hardwood orangery beautifully complements your home and creates a space where your imagination can run free and lifestyle choices can be fulfilled.




03 Pergolas



A Pergola is the latest addition to the home, creating a perfect outdoor entertaining space. Linear features pure simple lines, the rectangular profiles with excellent structural characteristics that maintain elegance and a pergola with sliding glass walls provides comfort all year round.



04 Windows & Doors


Windows and Doors


Aluminium windows, sliding and bifolding doors combine high-quality materials with the perfect operation and performance to create a highlight of design that will reflect your individuality and ensure you live in warmth, comfort and security, and with minimal maintenance.


05 Awnings and Canopies and External Blinds

Awnings and Canopies


Provide perfect shade to keep you cool on the hottest of days, use your patio even when the weather is less than ideal, combine an awning with your Winter Garden conservatory and integrate blinds with your sliding doors and windows. Awnings are the ultimate choice to give you protection, comfort and privacy.