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GLASS BOX Extensions

Ultra modernGlass Box Etensions, minimal sleek lines, floor to sky glass, manufactured off site for a crisp, clean build.

Bespoke Winter Gardens

01 Bespoke Modern Glass Box Extensions


Our architects specialise in creating stunning contemporary extensions that are entirely tailored to the needs of the homeowner. Our contemporary glass box extensions are constructed using only the highest quality materials and, with partners such as Cortizo we are able to incorporate pioneering design elements into our structures to create unique structures that are a valuable investment for the homeowner.


As functional as it is decorative, a Glass House Architecture Extension creates a space where your imagination can run free and lifestyle choices can be fulfilled.


Portfolio Winter Gardens

02 Portfolio Glass Box Extensions



03 Design

To meet your specification


The key to complete your project successfully, be it building a bespoke modern glass box extension from its very foundations, is ensuring its timelessness and versatility from the very early stages of the design process.


An initial consultation will allow us to gauge a greater understanding of your requirements. Once we’ve established what you are looking to achieve, we will usually carry out an assessment of your property to ensure any limitations are dealt with in the early planning stages.

Our expert designers will prepare a detailed design, including the latest in photorealistic imagery and present to you at home or at one of our showrooms. We are sure you will be 'wowed' by what is achievable and the level of work that we put in to realise your dream. We do this for one simple reason: to show you exactly what your investment will bring to your home.

It doesn't end there, if you require planning our in-house consultant will take the plans through the application, gaining listed buildings or conservation consent and taking the pain out of the process.


Then, drawing upon your own ideas and inspiration, our team of apprentice-trained craftsmen will bring the design to life. No standard or modular components are used in the construction of our custom glass box extensions and bespoke glass rooms, ensuring that each creation remains unquestionably one-of-a-kind.


Modern Glass Box ExtensionGlass Box Garden Room

We provide a truly bespoke service


What defines a ‘luxury’ glass room extension? Is it the impeccable attention to detail demonstrated by our staff at each stage of the design process that deems a glass extension to be more opulent? Or is it the unrivaled quality of the materials used to create the structure that really gives it that all-important je ne sais quoi?


We believe it’s a combination of these factors that bring our clients that much-coveted ‘luxury’ experience and we work hard to ensure that our level of service also embodies these values.


When you choose Glass House Architecture, you’ll benefit from a personal approach to bespoke modern glass extension design that will allow you to have as much or as little input in your project as you like. You will be given the opportunity to revise your glass box extension design at every stage of the creative process and will experience first-hand the passion and commitment of our designers and craftsmen as they work closely with you to turn your vision into startling reality.


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