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Balcony Glazing for Residential Developments



Balcony Glazing systems, Frameless sliding glass enclosures that add a distinctive look to modern residential housing.

01 Breathe new life into your building 


For decades, balcony glazing has been a common concept in the UK, with discerning individuals refusing to buy or build without it. Recognizing a new corner stone of building technology authorities and developers are turning to refresh building facades and create new meaning for condo living. We offer a complete, flexible and sustainable solution with versatile glass systems that are incomparable to anything else in the industry. We have put our passion and imagination to the test to create the ultimate in style, functionality and value for existing buildings.

Working in partnership with LUMON, leaders in balcony enclosure systems, we are proud to offer their glazing products to create balcony Winter Gardens, which in turn improves the property asset value. Here are just some more reasons why architects, property developers, and building companies use Lumon glass balconies, enclosures and facades: 

Installed in 100,000's of properties around Europe, United Kingdom and North America.

Experience and knowledge of local requirements and regulations.

We guarantee that our best expertise is at your service.

Carefully designed product range with highest quality materials backed by extensive testing.

Great benefits achieved in noise reduction, energy savings and protection of balcony structures.

Order and delivery process of prefabricated products, designed to ensure time saving installation. 


02 The New Developments and Renovation Business Case 


With Lumon balcony façade you just don’t only create better homes but also more interesting architectural design, a new kind of urban environment that includes an essential element of modern living, the balcony Winter Garden.

Lumon balcony facade solutions are suitable for both new build and renovation projects. Lumon's balcony glazing and railings form a modern and impressive balcony facade, which sets the direction for residential architecture. Glass and aluminum are durable, yet lightweight, allowing you to create crisp, stylish, unobstructed entities. Impressive and contemporary balcony facades that meet current and future building requirements. 


Increase the potential of your property asset.

With the added potential of increased rental and purchase rates.

Which also increases the value of the building to future purchasers.

Improving your ROI.


To meet your specification


The key to complete your developments facade, be it installing a winter garden or balcony glazing, is ensuring its timelessness and versatility from the very early stages of the design process.


An initial consultation will allow us to gauge a greater understanding of your requirements, whether you project needs an open balcony with glass balustrade and handrail, or an enclosure where the balcony is combined with a sliding or retractable glass facade. You may be considering a Winter Garden with glass roof. Once we’ve established what you are looking to achieve, we will usually carry out an assessment of your developments balcony and glazing spaces to ensure any limitations are dealt with in the early planning stages.


Balcony Glass Enclosure With Retractable Glass Facade from
Balcony Enclosure with slide and turn glass panels from

Our expert designers will prepare a detailed design, including the latest in photorealistic imagery and present to you at site or at one of our showrooms. We are sure you will be 'wowed' by what is achievable and the level of work that we put in to realise your dream. We do this for one simple reason: to show you exactly what your investment will bring to your business.

It doesn't end there, if you require planning our in-house consultant will take the plans through the application, gaining listed buildings or conservation consent and taking the pain out of the process.


Then, drawing upon your own ideas and inspiration, our team of apprentice-trained craftsmen will bring the design to life. No standard or modular components are used in the construction of our winter gardens or balcony glazing, ensuring that each creation remains unquestionably one-of-a-kind.


Residential Balcony Glass Enclosure from

We provide a truly bespoke service


What defines a ‘luxury’ winter garden? Is it the impeccable attention to detail demonstrated by our staff at each stage of the design process that deems our aluminium winter gardens and glass balconies to be more opulent? Or is it the unrivaled quality of the materials used to create the structure that really gives it that all-important je ne sais quoi?


We believe it’s a combination of these factors that bring our clients that much-coveted ‘luxury’ experience, the wish to add to their building facades, and we work hard to ensure that our level of service also embodies these values.


When you choose Glass House Architecture, you’ll benefit from a personal approach to a bespoke balcony glazing design that will allow you to have as much or as little input in your project as you like. You will be given the opportunity to revise your winter garden or glass balustrade design at every stage of the creative process and will experience first-hand the passion and commitment of our designers and craftsmen as they work closely with you to turn your vision into startling reality.


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