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How to brighten up your home with a glass extension and other ideas

Brighten up your home

Make Your Home Light, Airy and Comfortable This Summer

Injecting a sense of space and light into your home is easier than you might think and will instantly life the mood and atmosphere in your living space.

Summer seems to have been a long time coming, but now it is here at last, we need to make the most of it. While a cloistered and comfortably furnished home with rich colours might be comforting and cosy in winter, it can feel oppressive in the summer months. Here are some simple ways to let in the light and bring that feeling of freshness to your home.

Glass Doors and Windows

Bifolding doors from innovative suppliers such as Solarlux windows provide the ultimate way to blur the boundaries between outside and indoors. There is simply no better way to flood your home with natural light. They will also add value and desirability to your home should you decide to sell. And best of all, the technology in today’s glass manufacture means heat loss is no longer an issue, so you can be confident that when winter comes around again, your home will be no less cosy.

Add a Glass Extension

Wall to wall windows are not going to be practical in every home, but another way to enjoy maximum natural light is to add a glass extension, be it a traditional conservatory or contemporary Winter Garden. Modern conservatories utilise energy efficient glass, which makes them a useful and practical extra room that you can use all year round.

A Winter Garden allows light to flood into your living spaces

Make More Space

Creating a light and airy ambience does not have to involve a major building project or extension, however. You would be amazed at the difference some relatively small changes in your internal décor can make. In cold weather, we tend to turn our living rooms into nests, with furniture pointed to a focal point, which is typically either the fire or the TV. Just opening everything out and decluttering can act like a cool breeze running through the room and allow you to breathe.

Reassess the Furnishings

Light colours and pastel shades are the order of the day in summer. A set of cushion covers and a couple of throws on the sofas can make all the difference. Those thick blankets and dark red covers can be packed away and brought out again when autumn arrives! A stylish new sofa, like the Rolf Benz below, will give your room a modern and minimalist look too.

Add a stylish new sofa

Look Down

A carpet might be warm and comfortable, but it soaks up the light. It also soaks up anything you might spill on it, and can be a nightmare to keep clean. Solid wood or laminate flooring reinvigorates a room, making it feel fresh and airy. It also provides for far more versatility in your interior décor, as you can always add a rug or two, particularly in the winter months.

Clever Use of Mirrors

Even a small living room in a Victorian terrace can be made to look and feel more spacious – and it’s all done with mirrors! A large wall mirror opposite a window will increase the natural light, too. You can also consider mirrored accessories or furnishings, such as cupboard doors to add even more light and sparkle to your home.

If you need help to decide on which is the best solution for you and to meet your budget contact us and speak to one of our experts who would love to help you out.


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